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Dental Bridges in Centreville VA

There are a variety of options available to replace missing teeth. We offer most of them in our office, because each method has its own pros and cons. The method we use will depend on a variety of factors including your unique circumstances and preference. One of the most common solutions to replace teeth is a dental bridge.

At O’Donnell Family Dentistry, we place dental bridges for patients in Centreville VA and surrounding areas.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges essentially create a “bridge” in the area where your tooth or teeth are missing. Dental bridges are made out of two dental crowns that are attached to either side of the gap (one on each tooth) — these two teeth serve as anchors, and are known as abutment teeth — and a false tooth, or teeth (a pontic) to fill the space created by the missing teeth.

Dental Bridges Let You Smile With Confidence Again

Missing teeth can affect your smile in a variety of different ways. First, there is the cosmetic aspect. Having a tooth missing can make you feel self-conscious and nervous about letting people see your smile. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dental bridges are made to look completely natural, and help you avoid the gap that missing teeth create. Because of the natural look of the pontics, it makes it difficult to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the replacements.

Another issue created by missing teeth is structural problems. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, and also create issues with your jaw. That is why it’s crucial to have missing teeth replaced as soon as possible, and avoid the long term effects they create. Dental bridges are a fairly quick and efficient way to prevent these problems from arising.

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