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Enhance Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening in Centreville, VA

Are stains and discoloration affecting the brilliance of your smile? At Centreville Dentistry, we specialize in correcting cosmetic imperfections to enhance the radiance of your smile. If you’re seeking to brighten your teeth and restore their natural luster, our professional teeth whitening in Centreville, VA, is precisely what you need.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

While over-the-counter whitening products flood the market, they often fail to deliver the desired results. Trays, strips, and other store-bought options may offer convenience, but they lack the potency and precision of professional-grade whitening solutions. At Centreville Dentistry, we utilize advanced whitening technologies and potent whitening agents that yield superior results with unmatched precision.

Experience Matters

Under the guidance of our experienced dentists, you can trust that your teeth whitening procedure will be conducted with utmost care and expertise. Dr. Oana Cioabla and Dr. Bill O’Donnell bring decades of combined experience in performing teeth whitening in Centreville, VA, and Northern Virginia. Their expertise ensures optimal outcomes tailored to your unique needs.

Quicker Results, Lasting Impact

Unlike store-bought products that may take weeks to produce minimal results, our professional teeth whitening services offer immediate and noticeable improvements. Whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply seeking to rejuvenate your smile, our teeth whitening treatment delivers stunning results efficiently and effectively.

The Most Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth

There are many products available on the market to whiten your teeth. You may have seen trays, strips, and other options in pharmacies and grocery stores. However, these products are not as effective as professional teeth whitening and are often applied incorrectly, causing even further issues.

Our office has access to more powerful whitening solutions than what you can find in the stores. This allows us to produce higher-quality results with much more precision.

You will also have the benefit of having the procedure done by an experienced dentist who has performed countless teeth whitening procedures for patients in Centreville VA and throughout Northern Virginia. When you buy products from the store, you run the risk of making mistakes such as leaving the solution on too long, not applying it correctly, or not using it long enough.

Get Quicker Results

One of the key benefits of our teeth whitening service is that patients are able to see results almost immediately. With products you purchase from stores, it can take weeks before you even notice a difference of just a shade or two.

That makes professional teeth whitening the go-to solution for people in Centreville VA who need whiter teeth for special events such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries and other occasions when you want your smile to look its best.

Experience the Difference with Centreville Dentistry

At Centreville Dentistry, we understand the transformative power of a radiant smile. Our professional teeth whitening in Centreville, VA is designed to elevate your confidence and leave you with a smile that shines bright. With our commitment to excellence and personalized care, you can trust that your teeth whitening experience will exceed your expectations.

Schedule Your Professional Teeth Whitening Appointment Today

Don’t settle for a lackluster smile. Elevate your confidence and transform your appearance with professional teeth whitening at Centreville Dentistry. Schedule your appointment today by calling 703-818-1553 and experience the transformative power of a brighter, more beautiful smile.


Centreville Dentistry
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sergio Cortezsergio Cortez
23:05 21 Apr 24
"It was very challenging to find a good dentist after my previous dentist passed away. Centreville Dental, operated by a husband and wife team, has an excellent staff who are super friendly. I highly recommend them."
Celina WatsonCelina Watson
20:18 08 Apr 24
Best dentist practice in every way! Starting with friendly professional staff are the best!!The hygenist Mina is very thorough and highly experienced. Dr Oana Cioabla is also very thorough and experienced but also a fun warm person. You can’t go wrong here!! Love them all?
Adam LuttonAdam Lutton
19:36 04 Mar 24
Going to the dentist isn't always fun but these people are the best and provide the best experience I've had with a dental practice.
Mike SalekianMike Salekian
02:40 03 Mar 24
Amazing doctor and great welcoming staff.
Jed FryeJed Frye
16:29 01 Mar 24
It's a really fun office with a really great team of people. Dr. Oana and staff have done an amazing job at modernizing the office.I'm currently doing SureSmile and am loving the progress.
Byron VranasByron Vranas
20:44 26 Feb 24
I have been a patient of this practice for many years. Since Dr. Bill semi-retired, finding someone to take over his practice had to be a large task given his wonderful service the community. He was and is a great dentist and caring person. As we all know, great things must come to end.We are all very lucky that he was able to find Dr. Oana Cioabla. She is the new wizard in town. Over the last several months I have had a couple of root cannels, crowns, and cavities taken care of by Dr. O. She is very caring and proficient at her work. I felt at ease the first time I met her and the team (I am a very nervous dental patient.) That was the number one hurdle for me, and I was pleasantly relived to see how she and her team took care of me and took their time fixing me up in a pain-free manner.Not only is she a great dentist, but she also employs the latest technology. They can even scan your tooth and produce a crown in house in minutes.It's great to have an experienced and technological advanced dentist in town that I can trust and not be fearful of. Yes, I miss Dr. Bill, but Dr. O is someone that I can continue to rely on as my forever dentist.
23:23 20 Feb 24
After 31 years at this dentistry with Dr O’Donnell, I am very disappointed with how this new practice treats their clients. Had my six month cleaning yesterday. The office had me down for another appointment the following day for some corrective work but I did not realize there were two appointments on back-to-back days. They didn’t make me aware when I was there in the office, and I never acknowledged the second appointment. They called me after 7PM the night before, making me aware of an appointment the next morning but I can’t make changes to my schedule that quickly after hours.They notified me that they cancelled all future appointments and now require a deposit for any future appointments. This was clearly the result of some confusion but their response is not one I would have received from Bill O’Donnell. That is why he was my dentist for 31 years. Bill was a class act and treated his patients as people. Not going back to this dental office again.
Minoo RazaviMinoo Razavi
20:13 09 Feb 24
Dr Oana and her team are professional, thorough and kind. The office is refurbished and clean. I have come back for their hygienist who is excellent twice now. Their technology is also state of the art and makes everything quicker than old offices. I highly recommend the practice for children as well. My daughter and I both drive in specifically for this practice.
18:49 07 Dec 23
Hi, first of all Dr. Oana Cioabla's work at Centreville Dentistry is outstanding, she is a highly skilled dentist. She is kind and likeable. The same goes for the entire support staff, they go above and beyond all the time in a very busy office. Also, she was flexible with me when my insurance did not pay the entire bill. She worked with me for the out of pocket expense. I have had three crowns so far with no problems and I am happy and chewing and enjoying my food much better!