Teeth Whitening Services in Centreville VA

Stains and discoloration on your teeth are problems that can have a drastic effect on the look of your smile. At O’Donnell Family Dentistry, our goal is to correct the cosmetic imperfections that detract from your smile.

If you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth, or would like to correct stains and discoloration, you may benefit from our professional teeth whitening in Centreville VA.

The Most Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth

There are many products available on the market to whiten your teeth. You may have seen trays, strips, and other options in pharmacy and grocery stores. However, these products are not as effective as professional teeth whitening and are often applied incorrectly, causing even further issues.

Our office has access to more powerful whitening solutions than what you can find in the stores. This allows us to produce higher quality results with much more precision.

You will also have the benefit of having the procedure done by an experienced dentist who has performed countless teeth whitening procedures for patients in Centreville VA and throughout Northern Virginia. When you buy products from the store, you run the risk of making mistakes such as leaving the solution on too long, not applying it correctly, or not using it long enough.

Get Quicker Results

One of the key benefits of our teeth whitening service is that patients are able to see results almost immediately. With products you purchase from stores, it can take weeks before you even notice a difference of just a shade or two.

That makes professional teeth whitening the go-to solution for people in Centreville VA who need whiter teeth for special events such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries and other occasions when you want your smile to look its best.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Centreville VA by Dr. O’Donnell

A whiter, more beautiful smile is only a quick phone call away. Schedule your appointment today for teeth whitening services in Centreville VA by calling O’Donnell Family Dentistry at 703-818-1553.