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The holidays are one of the few times of the year where it is considered acceptable to gorge yourself with every holiday treat possible. While this is true, doing so can create some potential issues when it comes to trying to maintain a healthy smile.

Let’s take a look at five dental tips that you should use to ensure you maintain a healthy smile over the holidays.

Stay in Routine

Obviously the best way to ensure a healthy smile over the holidays is by staying with your routine of brushing your teeth. While the holidays can be busy, brushing your teeth should be something that you do for two minutes at least twice a day. If you do not already have a routine, try to get in the habit of brushing as soon as you wake up in the morning and then again right before you go to bed.

Drink Water

While it is certainly expected that you will be eating, and drinking, unhealthier than usual during the holidays, try to be sure that you are drinking water as much as possible. This is especially true if you find yourself getting into too much of the holiday juice or soda. Simply taking a sip of water in between drinking other fluids will help to keep the stains away.

Stay Away from the Sticky Stuff

Hard candy seems to pop up everywhere around the holidays. While it can be tempting, try to stay away from candy like caramel or taffy that can stick to your teeth and contribute to tooth decay. If you do find yourself eating a few pieces, be sure that you are drinking water or eating other food with it to prevent the candy from sticking to your teeth.

Don’t Open Presents or Packages with Your Teeth

While it may seem obvious, far too many people make the unfortunate assumption that their teeth can be used as a tool to get into a package or present that is difficult to open. With all of the scissors laying around the house from wrapping presents, there should not be any reason not to get up and use them instead. Your teeth will certainly thank you for it.

Don’t Use Your Teeth to Crack Nuts

If you end up reaching for the in shell holiday nuts, be sure that you are not using your teeth to crack them open. There have been many stories of individuals doing so and ending up with a cracked or chipped tooth, which is the last thing you want to be worried about when enjoying the holidays.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy smile over the holidays is not as difficult as you may think. While there is no doubt that you will be getting into some foods and drinks that may cause issues with staining, staying true to these five tips should help ensure that your teeth stay happy and healthy. Need help improving the health of your teeth and gums? Call Dr. O’Donnell, a local dentist in Centreville VA.

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