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When you are pregnant, you are excited about your little bundle of joy. This is the time when you should be more aware of your overall health including your dental health. When you schedule a dental checkup, you may be asked to do dental x-rays. Of course, because you are pregnant, you are worried if it is safe.


Will it be ok to get dental x-rays during pregnancy?

Yes, definitely. Dental x-rays when you are pregnant are safe. The amount of radiation used is low and will not affect you or your baby. Like any other x-ray exams such as chest, legs and head, dental x-rays don’t expose your reproductive organs to radiation. However, abdominal x-rays are not recommended because it directly exposes your abdomen and your baby to the x-ray beam.

When doing a dental x-ray, your dentist will put an extra layer of protection on you just to be sure – just in case there are scattered radiations.  An x-ray protection apron will be placed on on you before you are on the x-ray machine. This apron is designed mainly to minimize exposure to radiation and because it reaches your abdomen, you can be sure that your baby is protected.

Pregnancy safety tips in getting dental x-rays

If you planning to get dental works and x-rays, make sure to inform your dentist about your pregnancy so they can take the necessary steps to make sure you are safe. And even though, dental x-rays won’t cause any adverse effects on your pregnancy, you still want to limit the exposure to it. And if the dental procedures aren’t necessary to perform, then maybe you could postpone it until the second trimester or, if possible, after birth just to be safer.

Dental tips during pregnancy

No matter how safe dental x-rays are during pregnancy, still, prevention is better than cure. It is still nice to avoid getting the x-ray than undergo the procedure. So how can you avoid it from happening? Here’s how:

  • Don’t skip your dental checkup

Hormones increase during pregnancy and affect your overall health including your oral health. About 10% of women experience gum issues during their pregnancy. Some of the oral health problems pregnant women may encounter include gingivitis, dry mouth especially at night time, granulomas, periodontal, and more. If these are left untreated, it might lead to more oral health problems. You should also inform your dentist with the medications or vitamins that you are taking while pregnant as well as the dosages so that your dentist can give you advice on your oral health that is intended for your case.

  • Practice good oral hygiene

Don’t let morning sickness keep you from brushing and flossing your teeth every night and morning. There are different types of toothpaste that won’t trigger your morning sickness. Ask suggestions from your dentist.

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