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Going to the dentist isn’t always the most pleasant experience, particularly for young kids. It’s common for children to have a fear of the dentist, and for a pretty good reason—dentists work with one of the most sensitive areas of the body and not every dentist is conscientious of their needs. What qualities should you look for in a family dentist? One that not only works with your children, but also with you?


A good family dentist should be friendly. Children’s needs in particular require a reassuring dentist who can ease their fears about procedures. Conscientious dentistry early on in life is important to ensuring that children gain a lifelong trust of dentistry and will continue to see a dentist for the rest of their lives. A dentist that uses humor and gains the trust of your children is a dentist they will be excited to see regularly.

Detail Oriented

Dentists work in small, sensitive spaces, and as such they need to be very detail oriented to do the best possible work. The smallest mistake can injure a patient and their teeth for years down the line.


Dentists need to be professional. It is particularly important because dentists aren’t just working with you and your family, they are also working with a team dental technicians, hygienists, and receptionists. Dentists aren’t just the person that works on your teeth, they are also leaders in their practices and businesses. Look to the staff. If they are happy and friendly, then you probably have a professional, friendly dentist.

Good Communicator

We have all had the experience of a medical practitioner trying to explain some procedure to us, only to be completely mystified. In the case of dentists, this can be particularly frustrating because our mouths are such a big part of our lives. Family dentists should be able to explain procedures clearly and easily—particularly important for children.


A family dentist should be experienced. Years of experience will have taught them the best bedside manner, the best ways to work with children, and will have given them a very comfortable mastery of dentistry techniques. A skilled dentist can make a big difference between a happy visit and a painful one.


Children’s schedules these days can be hectic and difficult, especially when they’re juggling afterschool clubs, sports, and other activities. Flexibility can be very important when it comes to a family dentist and scheduling appointments.



Friendly, professional family dentistry can have a big effect on your children’s long-term dental health. Children often fear the dentist, but the right dentist will assuage their fears and make going to the dentist a priority for the rest of their lives.

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