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If you’re new to Centreville or just looking for a new dentist, it can be overwhelming. To help you carry out the task, here are some tips for how to choose and of course, be satisfied with your new dentist.

Check Your Benefits

Consider your dental insurance provider, and check with them to make sure they accept services from the dentist you are considering. Most insurance companies have preferred providers, others will charge a higher co-pay for an out-of-network dentist. It’s good to know ahead of time what your benefits cover, and what your charges will be.

Consider Every Patient

Will it be just you, or will your children be seeing the same dentist? Consider yours and your entire family’s sensitivities and needs. Having a dentist that meets all the needs you have will mean less travel between dentists.

If you have children, would they be comfortable in this office? Though some parents choose to take their kids to a pediatric dentist, many family dentistry offices cater well to kids. If you can find an office that suits everyone in the family, it will be much easier.

Location and Availability

You lead a busy life, and you should consider what time of day you need appointments and the proximity of the dental office to wherever you are. Is it easier for you to go there from work, or do you need a place close to home?

Emergency Care

If you get a cracked or broken tooth, have tooth pain, or need an emergency procedure you will want immediate care. Make sure that you ask what each dentist offers in the event of such an emergency.

Get Recommendations

Your family, friends, and co-workers are the best source for finding the perfect dentist. Ask them who they use, if they like them, and why. Make a list of each with the pros and cons they listed, then compare them to your own.

Another great source for a recommendation is your family doctor. They should have professional connections with other medical professionals in the area.

Finally, check the ADA website at

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