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Losing baby teeth is normal. However, losing the permanent teeth is a big problem. Tooth loss has various costs – the quality of life is lost due to poor chewing capabilities, and this can significantly limit food choices. Not being able to eat certain foods can cause poor nutrition, which will affect your general health. Losing teeth can change your speech and your entire persona. Here are the most common reasons why people lose their teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene

When the teeth are not brushed properly, it causes bacteria to accumulate at the tooth’s surface. Over time, if this bacteria is not removed, it will form plaque and create cavities. It can cause periodontal disease and affect the tooth, bones and ligaments. Brushing at least two times per day is important.

Not Seeing A Dentist

Even if a person does brush their teeth daily, if they don’t have regular dental check-ups it can cause problems. Typically, a person cannot see the hard deposits that form below the gum line. Only a dentist can. A tooth that is only slightly mobile can be saved if caught in time.

Not Having Cavities Treated

Letting a cavity go will only cause greater problems. As the cavity spreads deeper into the pulp tissue of the tooth, puss forms around the roots. This will require a root canal and sometimes the tooth cannot be saved.

Eating Poorly

Those who don’t get certain nutrients in their diet can lower the mouth’s resistance to infection. Calcium is great for helping the bone density that supports the teeth. A diet with too many carbs and sugars will cause problems to both the teeth and gums.


Those who have played a sport and have fractured their teeth may find they have dental problems later. Teeth don’t always fall out because of trauma, but it can make them weak, and this can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)

Grinding the teeth wears down the protective enamel. It also can cause issues of bone loss. All of these problems can eventually cause the teeth to fall out. Grinding is not only a bad habit, but it can cause spouses to be unable to sleep due to the piercing noise. There are night guards available to help protect your teeth from grinding while you’re asleep.

Tooth Alignment

If there has been tooth loss, there needs to be measures taken to improve the alignment issues. When teeth are not aligned properly, they cannot be cleaned thoroughly. These teeth will be susceptible to tartar buildup and periodontal problems. All of these will contribute to tooth decay.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

The effects that these harmful substances can have on the teeth have been well documented. Researchers have proven that those who smoke are more likely to lose their teeth than those who don’t smoke. It doesn’t just have to be cigarettes either; smokeless tobacco can have the same effect. The reason is that smoking messes with the blood supply to the gum area. This can increase and aggravate the periodontal disease.

If you’re suffering from tooth loss, call Dr. O’Donnell, a local dentist in Centreville VA. We can take a look at the issue and find a solution to stop the decay or replace the lost teeth.

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